What is not allowed to be posted here.

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What is not allowed to be posted here.

Post by JCI Mem. Jubet on Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:07 am

The following is both a collection and list of what should not be posted on the forums. This is a list that is not holistic so don't assume because we haven't typed it out here that you can post everything else.

Content Just Not Allowed.
Posting content that is blocked by our Word Filter. Do not add spaces or modify the word so it gets around the word filter. The words are blocked for a reason.

  • Images with swear words are not allowed to be posted. We know that the Word Filter doesn't block words in the images, but we ask that you filter the images or we may have to filter you.

  • Videos that contain swearing aren't allowed as well. Either edit the Image/Video or don't post them.

  • Content that should happen behind closed doors. This is a game forum for communities that have a varied age range. So any content that is sexually related should not be posted.

  • Obscene Images / Videos / Content should not be posted. Be honest with yourself and if you think your mother would not approve what you are going to post then you shouldn't post it.

  • Drug References. No discussion about drugs in any form will be tolerated on these forums.
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