General Forum Rules of Conduct

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General Forum Rules of Conduct

Post by JCI Mem. Jubet on Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:21 am

Lockable/Removable Thread

Threads will be locked if the CM Team feels that the thread's content contains useful information, the discussion has come to a conclusion and further discussion would no longer benefit from further conversation or if a topic has become overrun with flames or unconstructive posts.

Threads may also be locked for reasons not detailed here. An explanation for a thread being locked is not required to be posted by the CM Team. If you wish to inquire to a post being locked you may submit a message to the CM Team regarding the post. Do not repost locked threads. Reposting locked threads will be deleted with the possibility of account suspension pending the thread's topic.

  • Abuse on the forums will not be tolerated.
    No flaming, harassing, abusive language, swearing or abbreviations of such words, personal attacks, racial attacks, religious attacks, ethnic attacks, or sexual related insults and slang. This includes linking to sources outside that content such content.
  • ​Flaming is considered attacking another users or users in a vulgar, harsh or with the use of personal attacks.
  • Personal attacks like such are not tolerated EX: "You are stupid and a complete moron, please stop being a [censored]"
  • If any of the above show up in any post or via PM then a warning will be issued and if the abuse continues the forum account will be suspended. No character assassination threads.
  • Any posts that singles out a player to issue a slanderous comment regarding an issue that started in-game will be removed from the general view without any warning. Continued posting such slander will be considered as ongoing harassment and will not be tolerated by the moderation staff. If an issue regarding the abuse of a in-game rules happens then that abuse and situation needs to be reported via the appropriate channels such as the Submit a Ticket system. If you feel that the use of the Submit a Ticket System has not provided a sufficient or timely response, you may submit the report via PM to the Community Managers via the forums. Public posting of such matters is regarded as an attempt to slander and will not be tolerated.
  • Any attacks against the forum moderators will not be allowed. If you disagree with an action taken on the forums by a moderator, you can send a complaint to Community Managers via PM to be reviewed.
  • Censorship Posts.
    Topics regarding forum censorship will be removed. All content posted on the forums will be allowed/removed at the discretion of the Community Managers. The posts will be removed and a warning given to the poster. Any further posting about the topic by the poster will be considered spam and the forum account would be banned from accessing the forums.
  • No Spamming, Thread Bumping or Thread Necroing.
    Bumping threads will not be tolerated. If no community posts have been applied to a topic then consider the topic dead. Any bumping or spamming of threads to keep the thread in active view will be considered a violation of the forum rules. This does not apply to Buy/Sell sections of the forums, a thread maybe bumped 1 time per every 12 hours in the Buy/Sell sections of the forums.
  • Necroing of a thread means to post in a thread, which has not been posted in over a week, and without providing new information. If you feel you can contribute to the conversation and add new information or feedback, please post.
  • Don't be a troll.
  • Bad Word Filter.Any attempt to circumvent the forum bad word filter will not be tolerated including posting avatars, forum names or signatures that contain a word that is censored by the bad word filter. Modification of words or the use of abbreviations is considered a suspend able offense.
  • Inappropriate Images
    Do not post images on the forums that can be insulting; promote adult behavior and activities; suggestive actions; violence; and/or pornography. What you think may be funny, may not be to others especially to the moderators
  • Advertising/Malicious Links
    We do not allow the promotion of a referral website, phishing website or other malicious links. This also includes threads that intentionally promote (“advertise”) non-Warpportal games.
    This also includes advertising/discussion of non-warpportal MMORPGs. These threads will be removed without warning.*
    *Off-topic section is open for discussion on console games, as well as other non-MMO titles. But advertising is not allowed.
  • No 'Or Else!' threads.
    Threads posted in manner that is considered as combative or with the intent to pick fights will be removed without notice. If you have a question that has not be given an answer by one of the moderators or a member of the GM Team, there is a reason for that or there is no answer currently available to be given for the answer. Please understand that if the issue is serious in nature, then we will make every attempt to obtain an answer in a timely manner; however this may not always be possible for all situations. Such posts will be removed without notice if no answer can be given.

    All of the preceding has been stated for consideration to all aspects of the forum including the signatures, avatars, posts, comments, (including Status messages) and any links that may be posted.

    Please be aware that this is a general guide to conduct on our forums. Reasons beyond the boundaries established here may be given for the suspension of any account.


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